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[Letters after station names designate type of data: (c) chemical, (d) discharge, (e) contents and (or) elevation, (HBM) hydrologic bench mark, (M) water-quality monitor, (m) microbiological, (NAWQA) National Water-Quality Assessment Program, (r) radiochemical, (S) daily suspended-sediment data, (s) miscellaneous sediment measurements, (t) temperature]

                                                               Station Number
Ohio River Basin
Beaver River Basin
   Mahoning River at Pricetown (d)	                       03091500(1997)	
      Eagle Creek at Phalanx Station (d)	               03093000(1997)   
   Mahoning River at Leavittsburg (d)	                       03094000(1997)	   
   Mahoning River at Ohio Edison Power Plant at Niles (d)      03097550(1997)	
   Mahoning River below West Avenue Bridge at Youngstown (dM)  03098600(1997)	   
Little Beaver Creek Basin
   Little Beaver Creek near East Liverpool (d)	               03109500(1997)	   
Yellow Creek Basin
   Yellow Creek near Hammondsville (d)	                       03110000(1997)	   
Short Creek Basin
   Short Creek near Dillonvale (d)	                       03111500(1997)	   
Wheeling Creek Basin
   Wheeling Creek below Blaine (d)	                       03111548(1997)	   
Captina Creek Basin
   Captina Creek at Armstrongs Mills (d)	               03114000(1997)   
Little Muskingum River Basin
   Little Muskingum River at Bloomfield (d)	               03115400(1997)	   
Muskingum River Basin
   Tuscarawas River (head of Muskingum River):
      Montrose Run at Montrose (d)	                       03115969(1997)	  
      Schocalog Run at Montrose (d)	                       03115970(1997)	   
      Schocalog Run at Fairlawn (d)	                       03115971(1997)	   
      Schocalog Run at Copley Junction (d)	               03115973(1997)	   
   Tuscarawas River at Massillon (d) 	                       03117000(1997)	   
      Sandy Creek at Waynesburg (d) 	                       03117500(1997)	   
         Nimishillen Creek (head of Sandy Creek):
            Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek at Canton (d)      03118000(1997)	   
         Nimishillen Creek at North Industry (d)	       03118500(1997)	    
      Sugar Creek at Strasburg (d)	                       03124500(1997)	     
   Tuscarawas River at Newcomerstown (d)	               03129000(1997)   
   Mohican River (continuation of Black Fork): 
      Kokosing River at Mount Vernon (d)	               03136500(1997)	   
      Killbuck Creek at Killbuck (d)	                       03139000(1997)	
      Mill Creek near Coshocton (d)	                       03140000(1997)   
Muskingum River (cont of Tuscarawas River) near Coshocton (d)  03140500(1997)	   
   Wills Creek at Cambridge (d)	                               03142000(1997)	   
   Wakatomika Creek near Frazeysburg (d)	               03144000(1997)	   
   Licking River (head of Muskingum River):
       South Fork Licking River near Hebron (d)	               03145000(1997)	   
   Licking River near Newark (d) 	                       03146500(1997)	   
Muskingum River near Beverly (d)	                       03150300(1997)
Hocking River Basin
        Clear Creek near Rockbridge (d)	                       03157000(1997)	
   Hocking River at Enterprise (d)	                       03157500(1997)
   Monday Creek (head of Hocking River):
      Snow Fork Monday Creek at Buchtel (d)	               03158195(1997)	
   Monday Creek at Doanville (dM)	                       03158200(1997)	
   Hocking River at Athens (d)	                               03159500(1997)	   
Shade River Basin
   Shade River near Chester (d)	                               03159540(1997)	   
Raccoon Creek Basin
   Raccoon Creek at Adamsville (d)	                       03202000(1997)	   
Scioto River Basin
    Scioto River near Prospect (d)	                       03219500(1997)	   
        Bokes Creek near Warrensburg (d)	               03219590(1997)	
        Mill Creek near Bellpoint (d)	                       03220000(1997)	
    Scioto River below O'Shaughnessy Dam near Dublin (d)       03221000(1997)	   
        Olentangy River at Claridon (d) 	               03223000(1997)	   
            Whetstone Creek at Mt. Gilead (d)	               03223425(1997)	
        Olentangy River near Delaware (d) 	               03225500(1997)	   
        Olentangy River near Worthington (d)	               03226800(1997)
   Scioto River at Columbus (d) 	                       03227500(1997)	  
        Big Walnut Creek at Sunbury (d)	                       03228300(1997)	  
        Big Walnut Creek at Central College (d)	               03228500(1997)	  
            Alum Creek at Africa (d)	                       03228805(1997)	   
            Alum Creek at Columbus (d)	                       03229000(1997)  
        Big Walnut Creek at Rees (d)	                       03229500(1997)	  
        Big Darby Creek (head of Scioto River):
            Little Darby Creek at West Jefferson (dSs)	       03230310(1997)	   
            Hellbranch Run near Harrisburg (dcSs)	       03230450(1997)	   
        Big Darby Creek at Darbyville (dSs)	               03230500(1997)	 
        Deer Creek at Mt. Sterling (d)	                       03230800(1997)	 
        Deer Creek near Pancoastburg (d)	               03230900(1997)	 
   Scioto River at Chillicothe (dM)                	       03231500(1997)	 
        Paint Creek near Greenfield (d)	                       03232000(1997)	 
            Rocky Fork near Barretts Mills (d)	               03232500(1997)
        Paint Creek near Bourneville (d)	               03234000(1997) 
        Paint Creek at Chillicothe (dM)	                       03234300(1997) 
   Scioto River at Higby (dM)	                               03234500(1997) 
   Reservoirs in Scioto River basin (e)                                (1997)	
Upper Twin Creek Basin
   Upper Twin Creek at McGaw (dcmsrHBM)	                       03237280(1997)	 
Ohio Brush Creek Basin
   Ohio Brush Creek near West Union (d)                        03237500(1997)	 
Whiteoak Creek Basin
   Whiteoak Creek near Georgetown (d)	                       03238500(1997)	 
Little Miami River Basin
   Little Miami River near Oldtown (d)	                       03240000(1997) 
        Massies Creek at Wilberforce (d)	               03241500(1997)	 
   Little Miami River at Milford (d)	                       03245500(1997) 
        East Fork Little Miami River at Perintown (d)	       03247500(1997)	 
Mill Creek Basin
   Mill Creek at Carthage (d)	                               03259000(1997)	 
Great Miami River Basin
   Great Miami River at Sidney (d) 	                       03261500(1997)	 
      Loramie Creek near Newport (d) 	                       03261950(1997)	 
      Loramie Creek at Lockington (d) 	                       03262000(1997)	 
   Great Miami River at Troy (d)	                       03262700(1997)	 
   Great Miami River at Taylorsville (d)	               03263000(1997)	 
      Stillwater River (head of Great Miami River):
          Greenville Creek near Bradford (d)	               03264000(1997)	 
      Stillwater River at Pleasant Hill (d)	               03265000(1997) 
      Stillwater River at Englewood (d)	                       03266000(1997)	 
      Mad River at West Liberty (d)	                       03266560(1997)	 
      Mad River near Urbana (d)                   	       03267000(1997)	 
      Mad River near Springfield (d)	                       03269500(1997)	 
      Mad River near Dayton (d)	                               03270000(1997) 
   Great Miami River at Dayton (d)	                       03270500(1997)	 
   Great Miami River near Linden Avenue at Miamisburg (M)      03271510(1997)	 
   Great Miami River below Miamisburg (d)	               03271601(1997)	 
      Twin Creek near Ingomar (d)	                       03271800(1997)	 
      Twin Creek near Germantown (d)	                       03272000(1997)	
   Great Miami River at Middletown (d)	                       03272100(1997) 
      Sevenmile Creek at Camden (d)	                       03272700(1997)	 
   Great Miami River at Hamilton (d)	                       03274000(1997)	


[Letters after station names designate type of data: (c) chemical, (l) water level]

                                           Local Number    Well Number
               ASHLAND COUNTY
               Northeast of Ashland (l)	      AS-2	405303082170700(1997)  
               Ashland (l)                    AS-3	405425082173000(1997) 
               ATHENS COUNTY
               Athens (l)	              AT-2A	392004082071600(1997) 	
               Athens (l)                     AT-5	392009082072200(1997) 	

               AUGLAIZE COUNTY
               Southwest of New Hampshire (l) AU-3	403233083574500(1997) 

               BELMONT COUNTY
               Mount Olivett (cl)	      B-3	400118081082200(1997) 	

               BROWN COUNTY
               Fincastle (l)	              BR-20	385932083412400(1997) 
               BUTLER COUNTY
               Northwest of Sharonville (l)   BU-9	391805084261800(1997) 
               East of Ross (l)	              BU-12	391904084371800(1997) 	
               Fairfield (cl)          	      BU-18	391942084345700(1997)	
               Fairfield (l)	              BU-7	392017084345200(1997)
               East of Hamilton (1)	      BU-8	392048084311400(1997)	
               Hamilton (c)                   BU-36	392445084333000(1997)	
               Middletown (l)	              BU-15	393202084241500(1997)	
               Southwest of Trenton (c1)      BU-16	392733084293000(1997)
               Southwest of Trenton (c1)      BU-17	392743084295500(1997)	
               Middletown (1)	              BU-3	392939084231700(1997)	
               Middletown (1)	              BU-2	393103084240900(1997)
               CARROLL COUNTY
               North of Carrollton (c1)	      C-1	403709081052800(1997)
               CHAMPAIGN COUNTY
               Urbana (c1)                    CH-3	400638083453900(1997)	        
               CLARK COUNTY
               New Carlisle (l)	              CL-9	395639084012200(1997)
	       Northwest of Springfield (l)   CL-7	395840083495200(1997)
               COSHOCTON COUNTY
               North of Conesville (1)	      CS-3	401256081525100(1997)
               Coshocton (1)	              CS-2	401735081523800(1997)

               DARKE COUNTY
               East of Greenville (1)	      D-2	400514084345700(1997)
               DELAWARE COUNTY
               Delaware (1)	              DL-3	402126083040400(1997)
               FAIRFIELD COUNTY
               Southeast of Amanda (l)	      F-7	393450082403600(1997)	
               Lancaster (1)	              F-6	394257082362900(1997)	
               West Rushville (l)	      F-1 	394544082271000(1997)      
               Baltimore (1)                  F-5	395053082361900(1997)	

               FAYETTE COUNTY
               W of Washington Court House (1)FA-1	393153083322000(1997)	

               FRANKLIN COUNTY
               Shadeville (1)	              FR-18	394956083002700(1997)
               Southwest of Rees (l)	      FR-3	395118082573300(1997)
               Columbus (l)	              FR-10	400101083021800(1997)

               GALLIA COUNTY
               East of Crown City (l)         G-2	383638082103300(1997)

               GREENE COUNTY
               North of Xenia (1)	      GR-1	394411083561300(1997)
               North of Xenia (1)	      GR-10	394425083551100(1997)

               HAMILTON COUNTY
               Cincinnati (l)	              H-11	 391039084291500(1997)	
               Southeast of Miamiville (c1)   H-3	 391101084172100(1997)	
               Cincinnati (1)	              H-10	 391201084281600(1997)		
               Southeast of Harrison (c1)     H-1	 391214084470100(1997)		
               Cincinnati (l)                 H-9	 391324084272500(1997)		
               Wyoming (1	              H-8	 391341084275300(1997)		
               Evendale (1)	              H-7  	 391442084262900(1997)		
               Glendale (cl)	              H-6	 391608084254400(1997)		
               South of Ross (c1) 	      H-2	 391733084392400(1997)		
               Southwest of Venice (c)	      H-19  	 391748084393800(1997)		
               Southwest of Ross (l)	      H-4 	 391817084393300(1997)		

               HARDIN COUNTY
               Alger (1)	              HN-1	 404218083503700(1997)		

               HOCKING COUNTY
               Logan (c1)                     HK-1	 393200082235300(1997)	

               KNOX COUNTY
               Mt. Vernon (1)	              K-1  	 402344082300700(1997)	
               Fredericktown (c1)	      K-4	 402747082374300(1997)	

               LICKING COUNTY
               St. Louisville (c1)	      LI-4	 400848082251100(1997)	

               LOGAN COUNTY
               West Liberty (c1)	      LO-3	 401510083444400(1997)
               MADISON COUNTY
               London (l)  	              M-2    	 395301083272200(1997)	
               Northwest of London (l)	      M-5 	 395352083292100(1997)	
               Northwest of London (cl)       M-4	 395357083304400(1997)	
               North of London (l)	      M-3	 395740083255700(1997)	

               MAHONING COUNTY
               Canfield (l)	              MA-1	 410042080453800(1997)	

               MARION COUNTY
               SE of New Bloomington (1)      MN-4	 403413083170500(1997)	
               LaRue (1)	              MN-1	 403443083230400(1997)	
               West of Marion (1)	      MN-2	 403601083110400(1997)

               MEDINA COUNTY
               Wadsworth (l)	              MD-3	 410120081431800(1997)	

               MERCER COUNTY
               Coldwater (cl)	              MR-2	 402833084375200(1997)
               MIAMI COUNTY
               Northeast of Tipp City (l)     MI-3	 395848084085500(1997)	
               Troy (c)	                      MI-44	 400308084112900(1997)
               MONTGOMERY COUNTY
               Miamisburg (c)	              MT-928	 393757084173600(1997)	
               West Carrollton (l)	      MT-55	 394012084151700(1997)	
               West Carrollton (l)	      MT-49	 394025084162800(1997)	
               Dayton (l)	              MT-3	 394425084113200(1997) 	
               Dayton (l)	              MT-6	 394533084113800(1997) 	
               Dayton (cl)	              MT-74	 394811084095000(1997)	

               MUSKINGUM COUNTY
               Zanesville (l)	              MU-1A	 395804081593200(1997)	

               PICKAWAY COUNTY
               South of Circleville (l)	      PK-7	 393327082571600(1997)	
               South of Circleville (1)	      PK-4	 393402082572500(1997)	
               Northwest of Circleville (l)   PK-6	 393638082572300(1997)	
               South of Williamsport (l)      PK-8	 393438083072200(1997)	
               Orient (1)	              PK-9	 394742083094800(1997)	

               PIKE COUNTY
               West of Piketon (l)	      PI-2	 390359083015100(1997)	

               PORTAGE COUNTY
               Windham (l)	              PO-1	 411401081025000(1997)	
               PREBLE COUNTY
               East of Eaton (l)	      PR-2	 394438084335900(1997)	

               RICHLAND COUNTY
               Mansfield (l)	              R-4	 404625082305100(1997)	
               Shiloh (l)	              R-3	 405753082360800(1997)	

               ROSS COUNTY
               West of Bainbridge (l)	      RO-7	 391341083172200(1997)	

               SHELBY COUNTY
               Sidney (c1)	              SH-5	 401707084103100(1997)	

               STARK COUNTY
               Canton (cl)	              ST-5A	 404939081203800(1997)	 
               North Canton (1)	              ST-27	 405211081253500(1997)	

               TUSCARAWAS COUNTY
               Dover (l)	              TU-3	 403207081293800(1997)	
               Strasburg (cl)	              TU-4 	 403557081313600(1997)	
               North of Strasburg (1)	      TU-1	 403653081321800(1997)	
               Strasburg (l)	              TU-5	 403823081324200(1997)	 

               UNION COUNTY
               Southeast of Raymond (l)	      U-4	 401826083255200(1997)	
               East of East Liberty (1)	      U-5	 402010083321900(1997)	

               VINTON COUNTY
               McArthur (1)	              V-1	 391452082282900(1997)	
               WARREN COUNTY
               East of Monroe (cl)	      W-5	 392712084191700(1997)	
               WASHINGTON COUNTY
               North of Marietta (l)          WA-2	 392553081281600(1997)	
	       Beverly (c1)	              WA-3	 393241081353500(1997)	

               WAYNE COUNTY
               Wooster (l)	              WN-3	 404655081553200(1997)		 
               Wooster (l)	              WN-2A	 404802081583100(1997)	
               Sterling (cl)	              WN-7	 405745081510200(1997)	
               Rittman (l)                    WN-6       405805081462300(1997)

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