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Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manual: Ohio Water Microbiology Laboratory


Laboratory Materials and Equipment
lab materialsThe Laboratory Manager sets policies for preventive maintenance and calibration of laboratory materials and equipment.  Three QA/QC logbooks are kept in the laboratory bookshelf with records of equipment calibrations, certifications, and repairs.  The logbooks are for equipment – (1) autoclaves, balances, hoods, and thermometers; (2) pipettors; and (3) laboratory water.  QA/QC data for equipment prior to September 30, 2003 have been filed and are kept by the Laboratory Manager.  Results of quality-assurance checks of materials and equipment starting in FY 04 are stored in the LIMS.

For some pieces of equipment, the use of daily logbooks to record operating times and other types of frequent entries are required.  A daily logbook is kept with the incubators, waterbaths, refrigerators, and the water-quality meters (pH, specific conductance, and turbidity).

The locations of equipment, chemical storage cabinets, and temperature sensors can be found on the laboratory map (Appendix A4).