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Many USGS reports on water resources are now being served online. Most publications located at this site and other USGS sites can be located by subject, author, date, USGS series or publication series number by using the reports and thematic maps electronic Publications Warehouse.

Ohio Report Products:

Circular 1203 Water Quality in the Lake Erie-Lake Saint Clair Drainages Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania, 1996-98

Circular 1229 Water Quality in the Great and Little Miami River Basins Ohio and Indiana 1999-2001

Data Series 143 Bacteriological water quality in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Louisiana following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, September 2005, by D.M. Stoeckel, R.N. Bushon, D.K. Demcheck, S.C. Skrobialowski, C.M. Kephart, E.E. Bertke, B.E. Mailot, S.V. Mize, and R.B. Fendick, Jr.  

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FS2005-3072 Ohio Water Microbiology Laboratory
FS2004-3092 Assessment of Undiscovered Carboniferous Coal-Bed Gas Resources of the Appalachian Basin and Black Warrior Basin Provinces, 2002 456 kb
FS-059-03 Collecting Peak-Flow Data in Ohio Through the Use of Crest-Stage Gages*pdf 1.59 mb
Escherichia Coli in the Swash Zone at Four Ohio Bathing Beaches *pdf 297 kb 
FS-132-02 Forecasting Bacteria Levels at Bathing Beaches in Ohio *pdf 297 kb 
FS-093-01 What is the Ohio Gap Analysis Program (GAP)? *pdf 1.3 mb
FS-050-00 The History of Stream Gaging In Ohio *pdf 4.3 mb
FS-115-99 Coal Resource Assessments in the Northern and Central Appalachian Coal Region (HQ)
FS-036-99 USGS Programs in Ohio (HQ)
FS-112-98 How do we determine when the beaches are safe for swimming?
FS-035-96 USGS Programs in Ohio (HQ)

National Water Summary 

Open-File Reports :

OFR2006-1159  NEWEST ITEM Velocity, bathymetry, and transverse mixing characteristics of the Ohio River upstream from Cincinnati, Ohio, by Koltun, G.F., Ostheimer, Chad J., and Griffin, Michael S.

OFR2005-1386  A Spatial, Multivariable Approach for Identifying Proximate Sources of Escherichia coli to Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio, by Donna S. Francy, Pamela Struffolino, Amie M. G. Brady, and Daryl F. Dwyer

OFR2005-1282   Preliminary Investigations of Wastewater-Related Contaminants Near Home Sewage Treatment Systems in Ohio by D.H. Dumouchelle and D.M. Stoeckel

OFR2003-374 Preliminary geochemical, microbiological, and epidemiological investigations into possible linkages between lignite aquifers, pathogenic microbes, and kidney disease in northwestern Louisiana, by Joseph E. Bunnell, Rebecca N. Bushon, Donald M. Stoeckel,  Amie M. Gifford, Marisa Beck, Harry E. Lerch, Runhua Shi, Benton McGee, Bradford C. Hanson, Jonathan Kolak, and Peter D. Warwick.

OFR2003-215  Streamflow and Water-Quality Characteristics of the Ottawa River and Selected Tributaries in Allen, Hardin, and Putnam Counties, Ohio ||*pdf 3.18 kb

OFR2003-194 Fish Distribution and Valley Segment Type Data from Ohio Aquatic Gap Analysis Project (GAP) CD-ROM format only

OFR2002-495 Watershed Inventory, Ravenna Training and Logistics Site, Ohio Abstract  || Report *pdf  7.07 mb

OFR2000-91 Descriptions of Selected Digital Spatial Data for Former Air Force Plant 36, Evendale, Ohio Abstract 

OFR1999-68 Identification of Potential Wetlands in Training Areas on Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant, Ohio, and Guidelines for their Management Abstract

OFR1998-655 Selected Ground-Water-Quality Data of the Lockport Dolomite in Darke, Miami,  Montgomery, and Preble Counties, Ohio Abstract

OFR1998-395 Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses of Selected Streams in Erie County, Ohio Abstract || Report *pdf  565 kb

Scientific Investigations Reports (SIR):

SIR2006-5192: NEWEST ITEM Models for predicting recreational water quality at Lake Erie beaches,  by Francy, Donna S., Darner, Robert A., and Bertke, Erin E.

SIR2006-5183: NEWEST ITEM Assessment of the use of selected chemical and microbiological constituents as indicators of wastewater in curtain drains from home sewage-treatment systems in Medina County, Ohio,  by Dumouchelle, Denise H., Puskas, Barry M., and Jagucki, Martha L.

SIR2006-5102: NEWEST ITEM Compilation of regional ground-water divides for principal aquifers corresponding to the Great Lakes Basin,  by Sheets, R.A., and Simonson, L.A.

SIR2005-5196: Chemical and Biological Characterization of the Headwaters of the Rush Creek Watershed, Perry County, Ohio,  by Robert A. Darner, John S. Tertuliani, and Ralph J. Haefner.

SIR2005-5153:  Bankfull Characteristics of Ohio Streams and Their Relation to Peak Streamflows, by James M. Sherwood and Carrie A. Huitger.

SIR2005-5141:  Ground-water modeling of pumping effects near regional ground-water divides and river/aquifer systems in the Great Lakes Basin--Results and implications of numerical experiments, by R. A. Sheets, D. H. Dumouchelle, and D.T. Feinstein. 

SIR2005-5138:  Arsenic in ground water in selected parts of southwestern Ohio, 2002-03 by Mary Ann Thomas, Thomas L. Schumann, and Bruce A. Pletsch.

SIR2005-5013: Ground-water flow directions and estimation of aquifer hydraulic properties in the lower Great Miami River Buried Valley Aquifer System, Hamilton area, Ohio, by R. A. Sheets and K. E. Bossenbroek.

SIR2004-5150: Effects of highway deicing chemicals on shallow unconsolidated aquifers in Ohi0—Final Report, by A. E. Kunze and B. N. Sroka.

SIR2004-5219: Environmental factors and chemical and microbiological water-quality constituents related to the presence of enteric viruses in ground water from small public water supplies in southeastern Michigan, by Donna S. Francy, Rebecca N. Bushon, Julie Stopar, Emma J. Luzano, and G. Shay Fout.

Water Data Reports in Ohio  || the other states  (all published annually)

Water-Resources Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Ohio,  2003 *pdf 231 kb

Water-Resources Investigations Reports:

WRIR 03-4333 Microbiological Water Quality in Relation to Water-Contact Recreation, Cuyahoga River, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio, 2000 and 2002, by Rebecca N. Bushon and G.F. Koltun.

WRIR 03-4228 Arsenic in midwestern glacial deposits— Occurrence and relation to selected hydrogeologic and geochemical factors Abstract || Report *pdf  3 mb

WRIR 03-4216 Pesticides and Pesticide Degradates in the East Fork Little Miami River and William H. Harsha Lake, Southwestern Ohio, 1999–2000 On-line Report  || Report *pdf  9,138 kb

WRIR 03-4215 Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses of Selected Streams in Lorain County, Ohio, 2003 Abstract  || Report *pdf  3.98 mb

WRIR 03-4164 Techniques for Estimating Flood-Peak Discharges of Rural, Unregulated Streams in Ohio, Second Edition  Abstract || Report *pdf 6.96 mb

WRIR 02-4305  Trace Elements and Synthetic Organic Compounds in Streambed Sediment and Fish Tissue in the Great and Little Miami River Basins, Ohio and Indiana, 1990-98  Abstract || Report *pdf 6.86 mb 

WRIR 02-4297  Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Streams of the Great Miami River Basin, Ohio, 1998-2000  Abstract || Report *pdf 5.56 mb 

WRIR 02-4285  Escherichia coli at Ohio Bathing Beaches --Distribution, Sources, wastewater Indicators, and Predictive Modeling, by Donna S. Francy, Amie M. Gifford, and Robert A. Darner

WRIR 02-4246  Water and Bed-Sediment Quality in the Vicinity of Berlin Lake, Ohio, 2001 Abstract || Report *pdf 6.18 mb

WRIR 02-4216  Water Quality and Geochemical Modeling of Water at an Abandoned Coal Mine Reclaimed With Coal Combustion By-Products Abstract || Report *pdf 1.51 mb

WRIR 02-4122 Water Quality of the Mahoning River and Selected Tributaries in Youngstown, Ohio, by Donald M. Stoeckel and S. Alex Covert

WRIR 02-4167 Hydrogeology, ground-water use, and ground-water levels in the Mill Creek Valley near Evendale, Ohio Abstract || Report *pdf 2.5 mb

WRIR 02-4068 Techniques for Estimating Selected Streamflow Characteristics of Rural, Unregulated Streams in Ohio  Abstract || Report *pdf 1.38 mb

WRIR 02-4041 Use of Electrical Resistivity to Detect Underground Mine Voids in Ohio Abstract || Report *pdf 816 kb

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